Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision is to improve the quality of life of weaker section of the country. People became Happy, Healthy and Satisfied. Everyone got qualitative health services. Our dream is to create a barrier free environment and to provide all kind of facilities to a person with disabilities. The organization wants to bring a Physically and Mentally challenged into the main streaming of Life and help them in their efforts of becoming self sufficient and active member of society.


To promote equal opportunities for persons with disabilities that will enable integration in mainstream society.

To bring out the latent talents of persons with disabilities so as to maximize the utilisation of their skills and abilities.

To bring in attitudinal changes in society towards persons with disabilities and change the public's stereotyped perceptions.

To make the society conscious for the social economic, psychological training of disabled and for their rehabilitation as well.

Operating of medical institutions with a view to provide treatment for the poorest of poor in the society.

To Rehabilitate the person with disabilities and Integrate them into their communities through providing surgery related to disability, Aids and Appliances, Education, Vocational Training and Treatment etc.

To empower person with Disabilities.

To implement outreach and comprehensive community based rehabilitation programmes in Rural and Urban Environment.

To Provide Education and Training opportunities to the Mentally Retarted and Hearing Impaired Children to make least dependent o others by empowering them.

To encourage Co-ordination, Co-operation and networking among multi sectoral Linkage.

To identify assessment and seek their of the special children (Mainly Mentally Retarded & Hearing Impaired).

To provide Speech Therapy, Physio Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Music Therapy as well as Psychotherapy and Parental Counseling etc.

To Improve the Mobility skills.

To provide qualitative health facilities of the neglected and poor people.